Mysteries of RASA stories

see below code of stories with max_history=3(Memoization) and max_history=5(Keras) ,I am using augmentation =20 as I have added max stories 20. so my input hi->intent1->intent2 is working fine and following story 3(memoization) but when input is hi->intent1->intent3 it still doing action 2(following memoization) as past history is matching to story3. So my doubt is Why not on based on “entity”:“value” it is predicting correct action i.e. action 3?

* greet - utter greet

#story 2                                                                                             
 - action 1

#story 3                                                                                               
* greet
 - utter greet
 - action 1    
- action 2

- action 3
if I change story4 like this:

#story 4

    utter greet
    action 1
    action 3

then hi->intent1 is not working correctly,as it is predicitng based on Keras and prediciting wrong action, What should I do so that hi->intent1->intent2 and hi->intent1->intent3 both would work fine?

and when I use augmentaion 0 then hi->intent1 is not following any story(no memoization) and predicting entirly based on keras.I am really not following these stories’s story

Can anyone help me here?

edit:[SOLVED] after using slots it is working fine.Thanks :slight_smile:

hi reena can you tell me how u did it …