Puzzling Behavior by Bot

Hi there! I’ve been using Rasa for a while now, but there is a strange behavior which I hope someone might have an idea why this is happening.

I have a story file that looks like this:


  • i_have_enquiry{“organization”: “a”}
    • enquiry_a


  • i_have_enquiry{“organization”: “b”}
    • enquiry_b


  • i_have_enquiry
    • enquiry

And the domain contains this: slots: organization: type: categorical values: - a - b - c

There are 2 issues:

  1. After training the bot, the memoization policies can never find the action for ‘a’ and ‘b’, and 2) regardless of slot values (a or b), it will always respond with the default ‘enquiry’ action (using Keras Policy).

I have to fall back on Memoization policy and also provide all possible cases for it to work properly (ie: include the story for c). Kinda hoping that it will learn to use the ‘enquiry’ action if it’s neither organizations ‘a’ or ‘b’.

yes you do have to include the story for c. Also what do you mean by “fall back on Memoization policy”, are you not using it by default as well?