Installing Rasa X using Docker on a machine


I’ve installed Rasa and Rasa X inside my coworker machine succesfully, but when we try to run it, there was a problem with the formatting of the nlu, domain files, etc… I suspect that it might have to do with the language of the OS running on the machine (Portuguese).

I want to know if it’s possible to install Rasa X inside a Docker container on a local machine, to try and solve this problem that looks like and environment one.

I’ve seen that the documentation talks about using Docker to run Rasa X on a server but it doesn’t talk about using it for local development.

Does anyone did something like this before?

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I have successfully installed Rasa X using docker for local development. Here’s the link:

Feel free to raise an issue if you have any questions.

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I had an issue while installing Rasa X using Docker on a machine it shows an error windows defender error 577, I really have no idea why it happened with me so I want a solution on how to remove this error.

@william09 you will have to give more background on when/where the error shows up and what installation instructions you followed if you want help with a solution