Overriding Conversation Pause behavior to resume conversation on specific event

Hello Rasa community,

I’m building a bot connected to a chat provider, and I’m facing a challenge with conversation pause and resuming. When the chat closes, I receive a specific event with {sender_id: 123, chat_id: 4532, event: "CHAT_CLOSED"}.

When I hand off the chat to a human agent, I call a ConversationPause event. As per Rasa’s default behavior, this pauses the conversation, and the bot doesn’t execute any actions until the conversation is resumed.

However, I want to override this behavior to resume the conversation or initiate another conversation with the user immediately when I receive the CHAT_CLOSED event. I want to trigger this resume behavior when a specific intent is triggered, let’s call it EXTERNAL_chat_closed, following the convention of external events (Reaching Out to the User).

How can I overcome Rasa’s default behavior of handling pause-resume conversations? Are there any workarounds or custom implementations that can help me achieve this? Any guidance or examples would be greatly appreciated!