Retrieving messages from messenger

Hi I have connected my rasa with messenger and it is working fine. I have to get the data that user has entered in messeger, in my middleware without storing it. I am having issue with this as I can dump the messages from my middleware to rasa but I can’t get the messages that the user has entered in the messenger chat

Hi @afnaan! when you say “middleware” what do you means; can you elaborate more with example? Do you want to see bot/user interaction, and specially user action i.e user input/querie to the bot, right?

hey By middleware I meant another python app, I fixed the issue it was on my end.

@afnaan Hello, sorry for not get back you on this, is this issue solved? I can bet you solved this, can you please close this thread with your solution or if it’s open please discuss till we get a solution :slight_smile: