Facebook messenger does not display anything other than simple text

Hello, it is probably a simple problem but I cannot solve it. I am developing in RASA 1.8. I have connected to facebook messenger without any problem, but it only works to show texts.

I can’t get it to show buttons, attachments, elements, etc.

I am testing with ngrok free account on my notebook and in development mode on Facebook.

I don’t get any errors with Rasa Run in debug mode, it just only mentions that an SLL connection is open waiting for response.

My elemental code is:

    elements = []
     for item in data:
         element = {"title": item, "payload": item}
         elements.append (element)

     dispatcher.utter_message (buttons = elements)

where item is a text

What am I doing wrong? .

Hi, what is the context of your code snippet? I.e. what file is it in, when does it get executed etc.?

And do I understand correctly that if you have for example dispatcher.utter_message(text=data[0]) everything works fine and you see the response in facebook messenger, but in your example above with dispatcher.utter_message(buttons=elements) the bot is just stuck, it doesn’t show any response in the chat window and you can’t continue the conversation?

Finally works with text = something, buttons = buttons. In other cases, for example, using json_message, if the data structure has any problem, Facebook does not warn of it and does not show anything.