Passing and retrieving metadata in Rasa from Telegram

Hi, Is there a way similar to how we extract custom data for Rasa webchat but using Telegram. For Rasa Webchat, I see there’s a custom socketio connector to be used and at client end, we pass the data in a dictionary. Any pointers for Telegram case would be helpful!

Have you looked at the Telegram channel source code, it’s handling of metadata and how the Telegram API works.

Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the late reply.

I tried the steps outlined in Telegram integration with rasa - #2 by fabiolamfleury

Specifically, I have this in get_metadata function:

return metadata

In, I use


to try retrieving it but I get an empty dict.

I had typed the class name wrongly in credentials.yml - it’s working fine now. Thank you!