Restaurant Search Bot

Hi Community,

I have created a Restaurant search bot using Zomato API & also experimented with the new Rasa’s TEDP policy and Retrieval action, check out the demo:

You can get the Code here:

Hope, it helps :slight_smile:


@JiteshGaikwad - this is really cool. I like how it asks for your location and has the browser request that.

Had a quick question, what web UI are you using? I like it.

Hey @jonathanpwheat, thanks for checking out the demo. I had made a Custom UI for the Rasa

Did you start with one of these?

or build it from scratch?

I had built it from scratch

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Would you be up for sharing that code too? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been playing around with the “chatroom” project on the link I posted, but I’m not really lovin’ in. I really like yours with the activation button and everything. Super cool.

Thanks, I am just refactoring the UI code because I had built it for Restaurant bot, so before I release the code I am just making it for Generic use, as soon as I complete it, I will share it with the community :slight_smile: Till that time you can try out the older version of the UI

Thanks I did see that one when was creeping on your repo :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work

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Thanks @jonathanpwheat

hey @jonathanpwheat, I have released the UI code, you can check it out here:


Awesome, I’ll take a look at it. Just gotta say I love that this is jQuery :slight_smile:

Hey @jonathanpwheat, if you would like to see any new features, feel free to raise the issue.

Will do. Would you prefer ideas, or pull requests :slight_smile:

You’ve done a lot of great work, thank you so much for posting this.

I’ve already done some things to my install, adding some features that mimic the rasa-webchat project here ( That one is only, and I was using it for a bit, but I think I prefer the rest-api plus I’m not a React guy, so you having built this with jQuery is great.

The main feature I’ve focused on so far is the launcher icon - you call it #profile_div

  • The chat slides open / closed now when you click the launch icon
  • The launch icon rotates 90 degrees clockwise to open and counter-clockwise to close
  • I removed the close x in the header of the chat
  • When the chat is open, the icon changes to an X so it it apparent how to close it. When you close it, it rotates back and the initial icon displays

If you’re interested in a pull-request let me know and I could probably get to that later today or tomorrow. I’m also fine if you’d prefer to add features yourself, I’m open to whatever.

Thanks again for posting this, it’s great.

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hey @jonathanpwheat, thanks for the idea, I wanted to do that but it doesn’t suits properly to my widget but ya I will try to implement something similar but probably won’t mimic the react-chat widget :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had some fun with your widget. Video here: Rasa chatbot widget - additional features - YouTube

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Looks good man…:heart_eyes:

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this is a great bot you got here, awesome job! Would you be able to describe how you implemented the browser location feature where it asks the user for location and if confirmed grabs the browser location with an alert. I’ve been trying to implement that as well but don’t know where to start.

Best, Kit

Hey @kitrana08, thanks for the same.

  • first I have written the below code for location prompt from the user i.e. I am using custom message:

  • second I am checking in the front end of the bot the payload type i.e. location:

Thanks so much @JiteshGaikwad ill try this out and report back.

This solution looks really good. How do you make the front-end of the chatbot catch the prompt (in this case payload:location) from the user?