Restaurant Search Bot

Hi Community,

I have created a Restaurant search bot using Zomato API & also experimented with the new Rasa’s TEDP policy and Retrieval action, check out the demo:

You can get the Code here:

Hope, it helps :slight_smile:


@JiteshGaikwad - this is really cool. I like how it asks for your location and has the browser request that.

Had a quick question, what web UI are you using? I like it.

Hey @jonathanpwheat, thanks for checking out the demo. I had made a Custom UI for the Rasa

Did you start with one of these?

or build it from scratch?

I had built it from scratch

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Would you be up for sharing that code too? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been playing around with the “chatroom” project on the link I posted, but I’m not really lovin’ in. I really like yours with the activation button and everything. Super cool.

Thanks, I am just refactoring the UI code because I had built it for Restaurant bot, so before I release the code I am just making it for Generic use, as soon as I complete it, I will share it with the community :slight_smile: Till that time you can try out the older version of the UI

Thanks I did see that one when was creeping on your repo :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work

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Thanks @jonathanpwheat