Restaurant Search Bot Demo

Hey all, I have created a Restaurant Search Bot using Zomato API and connected it to the custom UI which i had created, please watch the demo video and suggestions are welcomed… :wink:


Hey @JiteshGaikwad. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Since this category is for tutorials and resources can you please share the code/actual tutorial on this project so that other community members could learn from it?

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hey @Juste, i am writing a blog to explain step by steps how i developed the Restaurant Search Bot, i will publish the blog and code soon

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Thanks for sharing! I’m waiting for blog of you ^^

Hi Your videos are not working please check it once JiteshGaikwad .

I am not able to see the video .Can you please share the steps

Any code or example how to add the welcome message or greet message by bot like " Hello, I am bot, how can I help you" or

sequence of messages one after another. Hi Welcome to website I am your chat bot assistant