Responses import/export in RASA-X UI


We’re using RASA-X version 0.37.1.
It seems that import/export feature is available for NLU, Stories, Rules, Configuration and Domain data, but not to Responses.
Is it possible to import/export the Responses in RASA-X UI?

Thanks, ahead,
Newt Team

Hi @sgino209, If you upload a domain file with responses in it, those will be uploaded to the Responses page. Similarly, if you download the domain file, it will contain the responses.

Hi @erohmensing, we are running 0.38.1 but can not upload responses with a new/altered domain file, they get ovewrritten by the already existing responses. Similarly, if I try to manually edit the responses in the domain file I get the warning: “Editing responses is currently disabled on this page to avoid duplication of data.”

Ah, I think I know what is going on there – there is an existing bug where the upload will fail if the domain is the same name as the old one. Just to check, if you upload the new one under e.g. domain2.yml and delete the old one, do you get updated responses as expected?