Rasa X fails to load previously exported domain.yml properly

Using the current official docker compose install with version 0.36.0 rasax is unable to load it’s own exported file properly. Using upload domain.yml functionality.

Certain elements are missing after importing domain.yml, including all responses, which are stored in domain.yml and some configuration settings.

It seems there is a major bug in export / import parsers.

Steps to reproduce:

  • - create  standard example content
  • - add a response via gui
  • - export domain
  • - delete domain or responses
  • - import domain file
  • - notice that responses are lost

Additionally, it would be great if inserting responses via copy n paste in edit domain was possible, but inserting them is blocked. So there is currently no working way to get those responses into rasax … can you please fix this?

Hello. Yes, this is a bug. We are working on this.

Any update on this? I’m getting the same result in Rasa X 0.40.1 (runing in Docker Compose)