Importing Response Templates

I’m having problems importing response templates in Version: 0.20.2. I have about 300 response templates in my domain.yml from an existing Rasa bot.

I’ve been using the HTTP API Domain endpoint to upload the templates with the PUT operation. I reported this as broken in issue #4400 last week but there has been no response. This worked in prior releases.

I’ve tried pasting my domain.yml into the Rasa X Training > Domain but the response templates are not added when I look at the Training > Responses page.

Also, are there any plans to implement a POST and PUT of yml formatted responses in the /template endpoint as discussed in issue #4185?

How can I upload the response templates in my existing domain.yml to Rasa X 0.20.2?

At the moment you can’t upload templates from a file. It is in our backlog to add it though!

@gausie, can you comment on the status #4185.

It’s our intention to review all these irregularities in the API and have a fluent design which works as you would expect for all entity types, as well as more consistent naming etc. When we do that, this will be definitely included. I can’t really give you more detail than that because I just don’t know where it fits into our big to-do list!

Sorry, I mean’t to reference #4400. I’ve been able to import templates using the API but it is not working in 0.20.2.

Is there a Rasa API call I can use to put my response templates (bypassing Rasa X)? Can I directly put them in the Postgres DB?

AFAIK, the suggested way to import your templates is not through the domain endpoint, but the template replace endpoint: PUT /templates

I’ve responded on the issue, thanks for poking me on it!

@erohmensing, frankly the API is not completely thought out well in my opinion. Certainly not from the perspective of someone trying to migrate from Rasa to Rasa X.

Please note issue #4185 - the PUT /templates call supports only a json format. It does not support the domain.yml format that is used for Rasa bots.

The Rasa X UI should also have an import for templates in yml format.

I’m sure this will all be addressed in time and I appreciate the quick release schedule from the Rasa X team but after upgrading to 0.20.2 I’m stuck. Will probably go back a release for now…

FYI, I went back to 0.20.1 and confirmed that the PUT /api/domain?store_templates=true call works in that release.