Redirect to a web page from rasa core

I am trying to understand if we can perform this activity in rasa core. When a conversation is on between chat messenger and rasa, for a particular click i want rasa to open a web page where in user will do some activity in the web page. Once the activity is done, user when click back button should be able to pass the data to rasa core and then the user will get be able to get back to the messenger with the data ( that we get it from the web page).

Basically I need to keep two live api request for this thread. One api request call to rasa core (from messenger) and one api request call from rasa core to redirect web page. Then response api to rasa core and then another response api call to messenger.

Have anyone tried this thread? If so, pls respond if it works perfectly without loosing the active api calls.

Regards, Nandhini