Getting response and state in one go?

I am trying to use Rasa Core as a backend from a UI I developed myself, but I am feeling that I am missing something. Of course I am using Rasa as an HTTP API and I constantly want to send my users’ messages to Rasa, have it generate a decent answer for me to return to the users but I also want to know what the new tracker state is after that. Right now, from what I gather, the only way to do that is to call webhooks/rest/webhook to get the response and then calling /conversations/ ( str: sender_id )`. This means making 2 calls all the time for a single message.

I can only imagine there are a lot more people/organisations that want to use Rasa in this exact way, so why is there no single endpoint that just returns me the reply together with the new tracker state following from it?

I have the same question. Any ideas? @ErikTromp did you figure it out?