How can I redirect my Rasa chatbot to live Zendesk Agent?

Hi Folks,

I have a requirement where i need to redirect my rasa chatbot conversation to live Zendesk agent. I am using webchat for chat client.

Please help me.


Hi Davinder - thanks for starting a thread! What have you tried so far and where did you get stuck?


Hi @amn41,

As of now, Rasa gives the privilege to use custom action and its template (“utter_action_name”). I need a solution in which if a user is not satisfied with bot chat so that we can redirect to live zendesk Agent.

have you done anything like that?


you will have to use a custom action, correct. It should return a ConversationPaused event (see Events ) and you will have to handle the logic in there to send the tracker to zendesk. I haven’t worked with their API but maybe someone else on the forum has.

Thanks @amn41

Hello were you able to implement this? We have a similar requirement. Thanks in advance.

Regards, Akshay

@ak29 No. But I have made custom channel for the this and also used Zend desk live Agent API.


Hello @honeydhi, can you share any code about the custom channel?