Rasax Visualization has failed. Please refresh the page


When I enter in the stories menu, the first storie (a simple one) work like a charm.

When I click in another stories (more complex one) I get this error message: Visualization has failed. Please refresh the page.

That one is working

Fora do escopo

  • out_of_scope
    • utter_dispensa

That one is returning error

g1-Entra link confirma cpf nao + conhece nao

  • get_started_g1_link
    • action_get_idx
    • slot{“idx”: “0”}
    • slot{“tem_contato”: false}
    • slot{“tem_cpf_valido”: false}
    • slot{“tem_divida”: false}
    • slot{“confirma_cpf”: “nao”}
    • utter_inicio_obrigado
    • action_get_fk_c_fk_sessao
    • slot{“primeiro_nome”: “EMANNUEL”}
    • slot{“tem_cpf_valido”: true}
    • slot{“cpf”: “315800”}
    • slot{“fk_projeto”: “0”}
    • utter_confirma_cpf_nome_completo
  • i_confirma_cpf_nao{“confirma_cpf”: false} OR deny
    • slot{“confirma_cpf”: false}
    • action_grava_flag_cpc_n
    • utter_conhece
  • i_conhece_nao{“confirma_cpf”: false} OR deny
    • slot{“conhece”: false}
    • utter_obrigado

Thanks Emannuel Roque

We are aware of this problem and a fix has already been produced, should be coming out soon.