Problem with stories flow in Rasa X

So I have these stories:

## Story succeeded
* intent_main
  - action_verify
  - slot{"verify":"True"}
  - action_main

## Story failed
* intent_main
  - action_verify
  - slot{"verify":"False"}
  - utter_warning

The problem is Rasa only choose and proceed 1 in those 2 stories; no matter the verify is true or false, the final action is always utter_warning. What can I do to fix this?

that is not a condition to execute the story, only define a training input for that slot when you run the command:

rasa train

check this:

Does action_verify set the verify slot correctly? You can check the rasa-production logs to see if there’s a record of the SlotSet event in the tracker. Is verify a boolean slot?