RASA X won't start (stories problem)

Hello everyone,

I have a problem running RASA X, I’m using it in locally. It won’t run and I get the following error :

f"Invalid story format. Failed to parse ‘{story}’" rasa.core.exceptions.StoryParseError: Invalid story format. Failed to parse ‘## second path’

I’ve deleted the story that caused the problem but rasa x still mentions it (is it cashed somewhere?), I’ve even uninstalled rasa x and installed it again, but nothing seems to work.

Can someone please help ? thanks.

Hello miss @erohmensing, can you please help me with this ?

Thank youu.

Hi forwitai,

Run a rasa data validate and address any errors that are reported. Then run a rasa train to train the model before starting Rasa X.


Thank you for your answer Sir. It turned out the problem came from the file responses.md that I used in a previous retrievial based approach. Although I changed every line into a comment, it still was taken into consideration, I deleted it and now all is good. Thanks again.