Problem with rasa x responses

I am facing an issue with Rasa x. The bot is able to predict the action correctly but not able to display the response text in chat


It is able to predict action correctly but not able to display the text.

In Rasa, everything is correctly displayed and working perfectly but in Rasa x I was facing the issue it is not able to display the text that is generated from MySQL database and also not able to display image.

so can anyone please look into this thing

Hi @ANNAAKHIL, What does the responses section of your domain look like? is utter_menu defined?

Try dispatch.utter_message(text = response)


dispatcher.utter_message(text=f"Response : {response}")


yes i defined every thing. In Rasa it is able to display the text but in Rasa x i don’t know what the issue is. It is able to predict the action correctly but does not display the response text. please let me know if i did any thing wrong.

@zaidalvi ya i tried both things but it is not showing any response text in Rasa x. I want you to know that everything was working quite well in Rasa but when using Rasa x i don’t know why i am facing this issue.

Facing the same issue here. Replying to follow updates on this.

Can you print out response before it is returned in dispatcher.utter_message and post the output here?

How are your responses displayed in rasa x itself (in the NLU training tab)? I know sometimes they get reformatted in rasa x


This is my response output.

And your responses in Rasa X itself?

What happens if you hard code returning just a string in the response? does that display?

@mloubser I need to check once but it is able to display in Rasa. Is it due to an installation problem with Rasa x that could not be displayed?

@mloubser I forgot to mention that this error is showing on my cmd

Ah, ok so you are running Rasa X locally then. The reason I ask what if a string response renders is because there are UI elements in Rasa X that are not in Rasa, and some formatting issues can cause a response not to display. Also, what I meant with what responses look like in Rasa X - I mean under the NLU training tab, in the Responses section, what does it show?

Pleas I have the same issue on this…my bot is functioning well via rasa shell but in Rasa x, I can’t get any valid response… Please what can I do… Please!!!