RASA X writes response changes to the wrong domain file

I have multiple domain files in the root folder: A.yml, B.yml, C.yml. Rasa X works perfectly, it recognizes all 3 and shows them. I also recognizes the responses I have.

However if I add a new entry to an already existing response e.g.: utter_A is defined in A.yml and I add “test” as a response, RASA X shows the response in the correct place. However if I use Rasa X to add to github, and I check the commit, it creates utter_A in C.yml and adds it there. ???

Any idea how can I fix this? I tried with different names as well, it seems it’s pretty random which domain files rasax is using when I make edits.

Expected behavior would be if I make a change in any kind of response, RASA X would make the change in the domain file where that particular response sits and not create a new entry in a random domain file.