Responses defined both in the "domain.yml" and in "responses.yml" files in Rasa 2.0 starter pack

Hi everyone, I have just created a Rasa 2.0 assistant by downloading a starter from Rasa Playground. Having defined a list of responses in the “domain.yml” file, I have realized that another file, “responses.yml”, also defines responses, with slightly different formatting. So it seems to be redundant.

So my question is, do the “responses” section in the “domain.yml” file and the responses listed again in the “responses.yml” file serve different functions and so they should remain listed in both files? What happens if the list or content of responses differs between both files?

Or maybe they should be defined in one of those files only? If so, which one is recommended? If I define the responses in the “domain.yml” file, should I delete the “responses.yml” file or leave it empty?


Hi @KasiaB, good point! This is a bug, you shouldn’t need them in both files. You can safely put the responses in either file (deleting the responses.yml if you put them in the domain.yml). I’d personally keep them separate just because it’s easier to scale.

I’ll work on a fix for the redundancy!

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Great, that helps, thanks Ella!

@erohmensing Oh, one more question. Should I leave the list of the names of responses in the domain file, or remove the responses section entirely, including the list of names? TIA!

Hm, I might have been a bit proactive in my recommendations, as splitting them out of the domain doesnt seem to be working quite yet :thinking: for now, remove the responses.yml. I’ll get back to you with updates :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Vielen Dank!