Rasa X with One-Line deploy Script

Since I’m facing many problems with my installation of Rasa X with Docker, I followed this guide and installed it over.

Everything worked fine, but now I don’t know where to manage my bot. Where should I add my files (like custom actions)? It doesn’t say anything about the directories created on my server (while with Docker it was in /etc/rasa). Where can I see the logs? With Docker I ran docker-compose up and I had all the logs, but here?

Hi Tiziano,

The One-Line Deployment is uses k3s which is a lightweight kubernetes deployment and Helm.

I’ve found the official Kubernetes cheatsheet to be very useful but there are many kubernetes other resources available.

Thank you, but I was referring specifically to how to implement Rasa functionalities, like custom actions, with the one-line deployment

@tiziano there are environment variables for that: One-Line Deploy Script

It’s not quite clear how to run the custom actions server… and this link doesn’t work:

Here you go: Kubernetes / OpenShift

Thank you