Not able to deploy Rasa with one line deploy script

I am using one line deploy script to deploy rasa, however it just shows this:

Rasa X is currently being deployed on your machine. While you’re waiting please add the following line to your terminal configuration (depending on your operating system this is the ‘~/.bashrc’ or ‘~/.zshrc’ file). This is needed so that you can access the embedded cluster using the ‘kubectl’ command line interface.

export KUBECONFIG=/etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml

This process is going on for a long time, not sure if its working or not. How can I verify. My system configuration is as below: Ubuntu 18.04.4 RAM 8 GB Disk Space 60 GB vCPUs 2

Please let me know how to make this faster, or should I go for some other deployment method?