Rasa X with multi language models


I need to implement multi-language chatbot. One of the ways to do it is to have two different models per language with different training data. Can Rasa X handle two active models and display all training data, config, domain from two models in the same UI? Should it be two separate Rasa X UI instances for every model?

this is something we’d love to tackle in the future, but for now you’ll have to have two separate instances

Hi @amn41, When you say multiple instance do you mean multiple Rasa X instance for multiple language? I have doubt that whether we can spin additional rasa-production images on rasa x on different port which is loaded with different models? The advantage which I’m planning to take is to consume same tracker store and event broker. Any help will be greatly appreciate.

hi @joekthomas - unfortunately these will have to be totally separate deployments as of today (e.g. separate rasa-production and rasa-x containers. There may be a way to re-use the tracker store and event broker, but I don’t think this would be straightforward.

Hi @amn41, Thanks a lot for the reply. I’m trying something and will post here if it’s a success. Really appreciate your response and thanks for all great work with RASA.