Using two different models for the same application


I am currently working on a framework that involves certain business use case intents as well as a set of small talk intents. The issue, is that some of the small talk dialogues conflict with my business use cases when integrated.

Is there a way for me to have two seperately trained models, one for the business use cases and the other for small talk exclusively?

Apologies if this query has already been answered, I’m new to developing with RASA and any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!!

So what stops you from training the two models and just running two instances of Rasa on two different dockers or ports or whatever?

I could try that approach, but how do I control which Interpreter gets used based on the intent? Or is that taken care off by the Stack itself?

Ah you want to run two rasa models within the same chat… I am wondering what your usage scenario is then - what prevents you from modeling the dialogue as one instance?