Unable to hit rasa-x http api on kubernetes

I have used the helm chart and the instructions from here to deploy a test rasa-x setup on my kubernetes cluster. I then added some training data and trained and ran a model.

Now I am trying to use the http api to take actions on this bot, but nothing is working. I’ve tried port-forwarding every single pod/service/deployment to my localhost and tried hitting the api. But I keep getting Unauthorized. I’ve exec’d into each of the pods and checked the JWT_TOKEN and am passing the same exact token through the api, but no luck.

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer abc123" -X GET localhost:5002/api/conversations?token=abc123 -d '
  "sender": "sender123",
  "message": "Hello"
{"reasons":["Auth required."],"exception":"Unauthorized"}

The only http API I am able to get working is:

$ curl -XGET localhost:5002/api/chatToken?token=abc123
$ curl -XGET localhost:5002/api/config?token=abc123
{"credentials":"rasa:\n  url: http:\/\/rasa-test-release-rasa-x-rasa-x:5002\/api\n","endpoints":"models:\n  url: ${RASA_MODEL_SERVER}\n  token: ${RASA_X_TOKEN}\n  wait_time_between_pulls: 10\ntracker_store:\n  type: sql\n  dialect: \"postgresql\"\n  url: rasa-test-release-postgresql\n  port: 5432\n  username: postgres\n  password: ${DB_PASSWORD}\n  db: ${DB_DATABASE}\n  login_db: rasa\nevent_broker:\n  type: \"pika\"\n  url: \"rasa-test-release-rabbit\"\n  username: \"user\"\n  password: ${RABBITMQ_PASSWORD}\n  port: 5672\n  queue: ${RABBITMQ_QUEUE}\naction_endpoint:\n  url: \"http:\/\/rasa-test-release-rasa-x-app:5055\/webhook\"\n  token:  \"\"\nlock_store:\n  type: \"redis\"\n  url: rasa-test-release-redis-master\n  port: 6379\n  password: ${REDIS_PASSWORD}\n  db: 1\n"}


Turns out the Bearer token I needed to pass was not the JWT_TOKEN I created initially, but was the token I get after running:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST rasa-dev-api-staging.mist.pvt/api/auth -d '
  "username": "me",
  "password": "abc123"