Rasa X run freezes

Whenever I try to use the “rasa run” command the cmd freezes at “your cpu supports instructions that this Tensorflow binary was not compiled to use: AVX2”

Setup: new directory created by “rasa init” on windows 8.1

Hi there! The bot isn’t actually freezing. This is just a warning from tensorflow that is unfortunately printed, so we can’t suppress. You’ll notice above that the core server started in the logging above that warning. Are you trying to talk to your bot on the command line or run the server (e.g. to connect to a connector?) If the former, use rasa shell. If the latter, try sending requests to the server, it should work as expected!

Maybe I misunderstood but I tried to connect to localhost:5005 and got the following error:

Hmm what sort of request were you trying to make when you hit this error?