So... that was fast. Any ideas?

The only thing AT ALL I can think of is that I am on Debian and not Ubuntu. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Sage


Mhmm … thats odd. Could you try running via;

python -m rasa --version

Can you also varify what you see when you run;

which python
python -m pip freeze | grep rasa

It may be a user permissions thing (I’m not familiar with debian) but let’s see what the output is with these commands.

yes… right now

MHm … this might be tensorflow related. Just to check (and to isolate). Could you try checking;

python -m tensorflow
python -m numpy

Curious to see if you get the same error.

Also just to confirm, what version of python do you get when you run python?

By the way… are pics the best way to do this? I just figured it was worth 1000 words, etc

And no matter what: thank you for the help. (it is just that I am starting to feel like you are doing all the work and I am just sending screenshots)

In this case screenshots are fine, if this were code that I’d need to be running I might prefer the raw text as code.

like this

But it seems that we have isolated the issue to tensorflow. Tensorflow is the culprit here.

Your python versions is fine and your numpy loads fine too. This unfortunately does mean that you’d need to explore tutorials on how to get tensorflow working on Darwin, which I have very little experience with.