Rasa X removes dashes from response yml

I am creating responses in Rasa X using a custom payload but it is stripping away dashes and even deleting data from the result.

I’m not 100% sure if Rasa X supports creating custom payloads for utterances (yet), which might be why it’s overriding the text. I’d recommend for custom payloads, to edit the domain.yml in a text editor.

Custom payloads should be supported! @tatianaf can you post the before and after it strips, so we can try to reproduce? Note that custom should be a dictionary (json payload) – it can have lists inside it, but the top level after custom: should be key(s) with value(s).

Does it strip when you save it from the responses page, or when you push it to git?

yeah its a huge issue for us, how do I open a feature request for Rasa X?

Rasa X is closed source, so I’d create a new feature request issue in the main Rasa repo.

Yeah, you can open an issue in the rasa repo. I was asking if you could post the contents in here so i can check if its expected behavior! Because Rasa X does support custom payloads, so its probably that something is just going wrong.