How i convert my custom response to Rasa response so i can use interactivate and talk to bot of Rasa x

Hello Team

My customize response of Rasa is like below so i so i cannot use interactivate and talk to bot of Rasa x. utter_dee1_1: - custom: class: bubble-top delay: “10” logo: “no” text: “We’re thrilled to announce a line-up of speakers leading conversational AI at companies like Intuit,.” type: text text: “”

Rasa X output in conversations:


Custom output payload:

class: bubble-last delay: '1000' logo: 'yes' text: >- Select <strong>Name Type Change<span style='font-size:15px;'>→</span> Preferred First Name</strong>, then complete information and save. This will be reflected in your email address within 48 hours. type: text

Is there any conversion mechanism which is used to it convert customize response to like Rasa response.