Set Utter_botton in rasa_core chatbot training

rasa_nlu version: 0.13.3 rasa_core version: 0.11.12

I got a KeyError:‘payload’ when I use anaconda prompt. I followed the instruction in rasa website. Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

The domain.yml format is as below. templates: utter_greet: - text: “你好,有什麼事情想詢問?” - text: “你好,有什麼事可以幫到你?”

    - text: "再見,希望可以幫到你"
    - text: "再見,歡迎下次找我要求協助"
    - text: "我不明白你問什麼,我可以幫你轉介去1823,到時有轉人跟進"
    - text: "申請表格選擇如下:"
      - title: "公用地方維修資助"
        payload: "/application{'forms':'公用地方維修資助'}"
      - title: "家居維修免息貸款"
        payloand: "/application{'forms':'家居維修免息貸款'}"

I don’t know if the bug comes from this, but you wrote “payloand” in your second button instead of payload.

yes, thank you so much. It is one of the problem. It was also found that text doesn’t need " " to wrap around. When I made those changes, the yml file worked. Thank you very much huberrom.