Rasa X and domain custom output payload

I have an issue with displaying the custom output payload in my domain. is there a way to provide a custom html and css or at least showning an alternative message on Rasa X ?

Hey! Can you describe what you’re seeing and any errors you see in the terminal? At the moment I actually don’t think the custom output payloads are supported, it’s a bug we’re aware of and are looking to fix.

The fix will likely not do custom html/css, but would rather most likely just post the actual json payload, since there are infinite different things for what a custom payload could be and how it’s rendered on any given front-end.

Is this issue resolved ? @erohmensing .If so can you please elaborate how exactly we can use as docs doesnt seem to be clear .Meaning what UI flexibility does it give and what are its limitations

Hi @vaidehi, custom outputs are supported in Rasa X. You can add them on the responses screen or from your custom actions. The output in Rasa X will show the YAML, it won’t make UI components out of them as there is no way to know what sorts of outputs will come from the custom output payload.