RASA X not responding

Guys i setted up RASAx on azure server everything is fine but when i ask questions from RASA X it does not respond I followed these tutorials Installation Guide

whenever i ask questions from RASA x i see this

pls help me guys its urgent @souvikg10

Hi @sahibpreetsingh12. A few questions:

  • Have you trained and activated a model?
  • What versions of Rasa Open Source and Rasa X are you using?
  • Are you able to use rasa shell in the command line to talk to your assistant?

i am just using docker compose to run RASA X so can’t run rasa shell Yes I trained my mode and activated it. So rasa version is 2.6.0 and Rasa x is 0.39.3

Earlier it was working fine

I have same problem. It does not utter a word … Rasa x is is on a Ubuntu server… What could have gone wrong? Do I have to reset the thing?

@sahibpreetsingh12 can you try the test and solution for a similar issue outlined in this post? Rasa X not showing responses - #4 by m.vielkind

Are the solutions outlined there able to fix your issue?

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no @m.vielkind bro it’s not working it’s not showing any errors in console even

@souvikg10 can you pls help me here

I have exact the same issue. Installed Rasa X in Kubernetes using Helm and all pods are running fine. I uploaded my model and activated it but the bot is not responding. Please help!!!

I got the solution @baurjanj i increased my VM’s disk space refering to this The answers of bot don't appear on Rasa X - #9 by Tobias_Wochinger and it worked I hope it helps

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Nice, I am glad this helped you. Let me try this solution and will let you know how it goes. For which service did you increase the disk space? What is the new disk space you provided?

actually i am using docker compose installation so i didn’t increased space for any specific service just increased space for whole VM @baurjanj

Oh I see. In my case, I deployed Rasa X in Kubernetes. So do you think your solution would work for me in this case?

@sahibpreetsingh12 did you connect Rasa X to GitHub repo first and then upload the model?

yes i connected rasax to github repo and then uploaded it @baurjanj

Let’s try may be it can work