Rasa-x log files

I have installed Rasa-x via the Docker Compose Install Script. I am using the python ‘logging’ package to log events in my actions.py file, but I don’t know where to find the logs. I have tried:

sudo docker logs rasa_app_1

The output shows me this:

ERROR rasa_sdk.endpoint - No registered action found for name 'action_session_start'.

which is the problem I am ultimately trying to solve (rasa-x can’t seem to communicate with the action server).

I have put in a bunch of logging statements in actions.py to try to uncover what’s happening behind the scenes. I am trying to get any help I can to debug this problem.


Hi @jaybm, do you have action_session_start listed in your domain.yml file under actions: ?

Hi @b-quachtran. Thanks for your reply. I do have all of the actions in actions.py referenced in my domain file. It all works well locally. The docker deployment of rasa x has been much more challenging. Someone did chime into the issue I referenced above with a solution for which I am grateful!