Where do I find Rasa X logs files

Hi, I am new to Rasa/X, so sorry if this is a really stupid question. I am running “rasa x” in local mode on my ubuntu machine, and when trying to train (From the browser interface) I get “Encountered an exception while training. Please check the logs of the rasa worker container for more information.”

So where exactly do I find these logs? what is a “rasa worker container”, and more generally, where does Rasa X store all its configuration and training files?

Thanks :slight_smile: Nir

Hey @nailon, this is referring to a container that would exist if you deployed via docker-compose or kubernetes. Locally, all the logs should be available in the terminal window that you started the rasa x command from

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Ok, so now I am running using a container. How do I see the logs inside the container?