Rasa X License clarification

We are building a Voice Bot Product where we will be working with various brands and automating their customer interactions over the calls. Think about automating some call centre operations as an example. Internally the Voice Bot platform comprises these components - Speech to text, Rasa Chatbot, and Text to Speech.

For the development, deployment and debugging purposes of the Rasa Chatbot component, we wanted to use the community edition of Rasa-X. We checked the license and are not entirely sure about the permissions around commercial use cases.

Is there any restriction around using it? Should we be able to use Rasa-X community edition for our Voice Bot platform?

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Hi Gagan,

There are no commercial restrictions.


SAAS: Iti s not a Permitted Purpose to use the Software, or to allow others to use the Software, to provide any online service that competes with or provides similar functionality to any product or service that Licensor is providing using the Software.

@stephens : it seems to me that this part is a restriction on comercial usage. SaaS using rasaX is not permitted.

You can use Rasa X to build an AI assistant for a commercial purposes, but you can’t offer a SaaS product or any online service that competes with or provides similar functionality to Rasa X.

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Can you please elaborate on the ‘competes with or provides similar functionality’ part in some more detail? If we have an SaaS call center solution for our customers, and want to deploy Rasa X for them, to let them create their chatbots (a scenario similar to @gagangupt16), in our infrastructure, and the bots are later run as part of the SaaS, can we deploy Rasa X CE for our customers to allow them to create the bots themselves?

I would also like to understand that part better. SaaS is not that clear in this context. Especially since many commercial activities for clients will likely need a way that clients can fix problems themselves somehow, i.e. use a Rasa-X that is part of a commercial assistant deployment.

What I read between the legal text lines is that: “you can personally use it, as long as you do not compete with Rasa inc.” Which would be a rather heavy restriction because it would only allow independent developers to create commercial chatbots (not adjustable via Rasa-X by their clients).

I would really like to see some public example cases which are not permitted.