RASA X License confusion


RASA X License information is not very clear. I would like to use it at work, would that be a commercial license or can we use the community license ? My usage will be pertaining to the RASA bot I am using to build my requirements. I would like to enhance that bot with help of RASA X.

Also, how to distinguish between the licenses of RASA X ?



Hello @angshuman-agarwal,

Rasa X Enterprise Edition is a version that has more features that enterprises would benefit from, you have to purchase this from Rasa.

The CE or community edition of Rasa X is free and is the typical one you would install if you don’t want to pay for any features.

If you want more information about the features and such between these I would look at Pricing: Open source & paid enterprise subscriptions - Rasa


Thanks. What is the Py repository link for RASA X community edition please ?

Also, where can we compare the features 2 flavours of RASA X ?

There is currently not a github repository if that is what you are referring to, for more information on Rasa X I would look at Improve your contextual assistant with Rasa X

Hi @angshuman-agarwal,

You can use the community license to build and serve a bot a work :slight_smile: Check out the license here https://storage.googleapis.com/rasa-x-releases/rasa_x_ce_license_agreement.pdf – You’ll want to look at Noncommercial Purposes where it references different commercial purposes and what is (not) allowed.

The community edition is installed via a docker image that is freely available on dockerhub: Docker Hub You can install it onto a server following these instructions: Deploy to a Server

No, I meant the global Py artifactory where all packages are stored.

Thank you. Can the license be please made explicit on main web page of RASA X ? Right now, the google storage web link is not accessible from work due to restrictions and policies.