Is RASA X Community enough?

Hi, I read here and here. I want to clarify an issue in my mind. I want to develop the transport assistant bot.For this I need an interface where I can enter training data like rasa x. After my training I want to open bot users need to have a separate session for each user.These users will not be interested in train will only conversation the bot and I will record this conversation. Should i buy enterprise package or community is enough at this stage.

Hi @harunkelesoglu. The Rasa X Community Edition is probably enough for you at this stage. You will be able to build, improve, and deploy as you have described. The Rasa X Enterprise Edition is for when you run Rasa in a large company and if you collaborate with a bigger team. It includes features that allow you to monitor your application in more detail, meet enterprise security standards with role-based access control, deploy to multiple environments, etc. You can always upgrade to the enterprise edition later if you think you would like those features in the future. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you very descriptive

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Could you share the roadmap of RasaX? We’re curious to know the upcoming features. @Juste

I have a question in relation to this, how can we track the conversations that different users are having with chatbot ? In this case using the Endpoint to have a conversation with the assistant

Request body (in Rasa X) to http://localhost/api/chat:

"message": "If I invest in NPS , am I eligible to save tax under 80c?",
"sender": "default"

Response (in Rasa X):

        "recipient_id": "me",
        "text": "NPS is a scheme initiated by the Government of India. Investments to the tune of Rs 1.5 lakh will be eligible for deduction u/s 80C. An additional amount of Rs 50,000 can be invested in NPS for tax deduction u/s 80CCD (1B). However, NPS has no guaranteed return."

Even in the Tracker DB, sender details are not stored; instead below is stored:

{"sender_id": "me", "event": "user", "timestamp": 1568508967.3241303, "text": "If I invest in NPS , am I eligible to save tax under 80c?", "parse_data": {"intent": {"name": "intent_30", "confidence": 0.95294588804245}, "entities": [], "intent_ranking": [{"name": "intent_30", "confidence": 0.95294588804245}, {"name": "intent_7", "confidence": 0.28972017765045166}, {"name": "intent_65", "confidence": 0.287595272064209}, {"name": "intent_29", "confidence": 0.25547775626182556}, {"name": "intent_25", "confidence": 0.23313695192337036}, {"name": "intent_62", "confidence": 0.23060983419418335}, {"name": "intent_27", "confidence": 0.22109776735305786}, {"name": "intent_21", "confidence": 0.20974858105182648}, {"name": "intent_14", "confidence": 0.2039496898651123}, {"name": "intent_28", "confidence": 0.203802689909935}], "text": "If I invest in NPS , am I eligible to save tax under 80c?"}, "input_channel": "rasa", "message_id": "c20644aa5afc4a80818e91fecd1429e5", "metadata": null}

The sender details are not returned or stored. What is the recommended approach to handle this so that we can track the conversations by user?