Rasa webchat for commercial use

Hi all,

Can RASA webchat with RasaNLU be used for commercial purposes? (Not RASA X)

@Zeusturbo means? When you saying Rasa Webchat ( you mean Botfront )?

@Zeusturbo If I understand your question please visit this link : rasa-webchat/LICENSE at master ยท botfront/rasa-webchat ยท GitHub

On the header section it is mention Permissions , I strongly recommend, please read all the License Terms and Conditions or I will try to seek, the help from Rasa Team in this case. Meanwhile, I guess this solved you query :slight_smile:

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@Zeusturbo Hello! I hope you doing fine? Can I request to please close this thread as solution or if there is any other suggestion or solution please share :slight_smile: