Rasa-X Knowledgebase Bot

Hi all,

Im facing some problems with my Rasa X Installation.

  1. I used Rasa Open Source to build my model, it uses some custom actions that query my knowledge base

  2. I successfuly installed rasa x on google cloud plattform using your guide (thanks)

  3. I made it to connect my github projekt to rasa x

  4. I managed to use hub.docker to make a build any time i commit to github

  5. inside rasa x when I check the logs it seem that my actions are running

But somehow my knowledge base is not beeing queried.

Inside the actions file I pass the location of the kb to a variable like: kb = „/app/ca_knowledgebase.json“

Maybe someone as an idea of how to solve this. Inside the shell it workes fine.

Thanks again bestimage