No response from action_query_knowledge_base on RASA server


I am trying to add knowledgebase to me Rasa X server deployment. While it is working fine on my local system, but I am unable to get any response from action server on RASA X Server.

my knowledgebase (data.json) is present in /etc/rasa/actions directory

another function in same action server is responding fine.

Can you provide the log from your action server and rasa-production?

@stephens im facing the same issue as @vanshkapil.

logs for the rasa-production container

logs from the rasa_app_1 container

my actions dir has the knowledge base json file in it. image

You’re directory listing looks like it is from the host, not from inside the container.

Open a shell into your app container and I suspect you will find that the file is not in /etc/rasa/actions.

docker exec -ti <app container name> /bin/bash

Normally, your host directory would look like this. In your case, I would create an actions directory in the root of your project and put the knowledge_base_data.json file in that directory.

Then typical docker-compose.yml would map your root directory to /app in the container. Your file would then be accessible to the python action code at /app/actions/knowledge_base_data.json.

Hi @stephens it still doesnt work

I actually have a docker-compose.override.yml as per this tutorial . this is my override file image

here is a snapshot of my project structure

my action_endpoint in my endpoints file- action_endpoint: http://action_server:5055/webhook

I also realised that the container rasa_app_1 is constantly restarting. I cant seem to understand why. I followed all the steps as per the masterclass.

Due to this I am unable to bash into the rasa_app_1 container either

Start the app container without the detach option so you can view the startup messages.

still cant find my knowledge base file

my docker-compose.override.yml looks like this.