Actions Dependencies and Rasa x logs

Hi, I installed a rasa x instance in google cloud via docker. I’m running sdk 0.31.4. I made a custom action called placed in the actions directory alongside (empty). I also created a docker-compose.override.yml as instructed in the rasa masterclass youtube channel for running my actions. I tested the model locally and it works, but the action have another class inside that requires psycopg2. When I test this class (connects to an external database) in the google cloud instance it also works, but I had to install the dependencies. I uploaded the model to rasa x, training is successful, but when it calls my function it doesnt return anything it only shows my action and the confidence. I dont know where the logs are for this and if I have to install the dependecies inside a docker image I dont know how to do it either. Can someone help me?

I checked the logs and psycopg2 is missing. How can I install this in the container?

Hi @beremizsinistro. Just want to make sure that you have built an action server image. Once you have done that, you can read this to understand how to connect a custom action server in a Docker Compose deployment of Rasa X.