Add knowledgebase to RASA-X

I have my a knowledgebase json file inside my data directory along with the nlu and stories markdown file. I am trying to deploy it using rasax but I cannot get the json file in my rasax project which is required for the actions. How do I get that json file from the github repo? I also have actions file in my repository, can I directly use that action file instead of writing a separate actions file for the action server?

Hi Divya and welcome to the forum,

A knowledge base file would not be part of your training data nor would it be deployed by Rasa X.

This would typically be part of the action server and your action server code would read the json file and handle the knowledge base responses. You would typically build an action server docker and include the json file in the image or mount it into the image. If you’re running locally, without Docker, then you would just read the file in your action code.


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Okay, thanks for the response. So, I will have to directly put the knowledgebase in the server for the action server.