Rasa-x is installed but cannot be found

I executed this command and prompted me that the installation was successful

pip install rasa-x==0.42.6 --extra-index-url Simple Index

but when I executed rasa --version it show


And rasa x can’t run, what is the problem, how can I solve it. I have successfully used RASA-X before, this time I reinstalled it

@Star007 Strange, at the time of installation are you in env or base anaconda. Do check that please or check with pip list.

Thank you for your reply nik, I performed the installation operation in the virtual environment, but it is not installed in the virtual environment, and it cannot run in the virtual environment. I can see rasa-x by checking the rasa version in the base environment. What’s the problem

@Star007 I’d would recommend to please create a new fresh environment for your project and go step by step, install rasa open source and check it’s installed or not whiles using rasa --version and then install rasa x and check its installed or not. Please try you python -m .

Thank you very much, I will try to do it