Rasa_X installation_issue

Hi! Everyone.

This is Amin and recently tried to work on Rasa open-source and Rasa X. I’m facing some issues while trying to install Rasa X in my local environment. I’m using windows 11 home and installed docker already but can’t install Kind to initiate the New Kubernetes cluster in docker. It’s not installing successfully in VM. I’m using WSL2 and Ubuntu in my virtual environment. Please suggest to me any effective way to install Kind and Rasa X successfully in Local mode.
Your support and help are highly appreciated.

Best Regards Amin

you don’t need Kind, just initiate your kubernetes cluster directly in the docker settings, and enable your Ubuntu distribution in WSL access to docker, also in docker settings. Kubectl should then see your kubernetes cluster inside docker, run kubectl config get-contexts and you should see docker-desktop