Rasa-X Installation: Where do we go from here?

I really appreciate the convenience that the one click installer gives. It is simply magical!! And I think for me, maybe, thats the source of my frustration with it. I am from the LAMP background. I know where was and how to tweak what. But now, I cant even see where the files are being hosted. I just know its somewhere on my server. Thats actually a good thing. Preventing us from us. However, here is one of those things I would like to change:

  1. Where/How do I route my domain?
  2. How/Where do I add SSL?
  3. Where is nginx located?
  4. How do manage this kubernetes from outside a google provisioned server? I am using another hosts.

There are so many unknowns right now, and I just hope someone with more experience would be kind enough to show me around.


Hi @wale sorry for the late reply, if you want to customise your deployment a lot, you’re probably better off going for the full on kubernetes deployment, described here.

Thanks @akelad. Actually, I have figured out a lot over the time.

I settled with the Docker Quick Installations and I can say that I am actually doing OK.

There are still some unknowns but nothing too mysterious at this point.

I guess my frustrations stemmed from the fact that I knew nothing about Docker, talkless of Kubernates at the time.


Glad you managed to get it all deployed!