Rasa X inserting duplicate training data into session

I’ve attached two images. In the first one, the user says “I don’t have a pet” and it goes to a fallback. When I click on the “Correct this” button, it then immediately inserts the previous dialog again (the second image).

Happens sporadically on multiple browsers. I have to switch back to rasa interactive as this is making Rasa X unusable.

Hi @mmm3bbb, thanks for your question! This has been fixed and will be released with 0.21.5 within the next couple of days. You can check our docs site to see when the version is available. I hope that helps!

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@ricwo I can confirm that 0.21.5 fixes the problem (after clearing browser cache). Thanks!

@ricwo It does it less than before, but it’s still occurring on both Chrome and Safari.

Rasa X 0.22.0

Just to clarify, this makes Rasa X unusable for me… so back to rasa interactive.

Hi @mmm3bbb, I’d be happy to look into this! Can you share the exact steps to reproduce this?

I’ll look into how to reproduce it. It’s intermittent and seems dependent on the model.