Text gets copied as intent

@aymane258 can you share the rasa --version and try to clear the cache and cookies, please.

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  # version is the Rasa Open Source version which should be used.
  # Used to ensure backward compatibility with older Rasa Open Source versions.
  version: "2.8.15"

clearing cache/cookies did not seem to help

@aymane258 not getting any idea about your version you shared sorry. Please share proper version. @aymane258 Are you using on local machine or server?

@aymane258 you are using rasa x and you shared version 2.8.15? ???

@aymane258 are you using docker?

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np thanks for trying brother (pw : 123456) if you wanna see it for yourself

kubernetes rasa x helmchart deployment

@aymane258 please delete the above one which have link and password. Thanks for sharing.

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@aymane258 Well I have seen it’s I guess a bug for sure for the rasa x version 0.42.6 you can see while clicking M on bottom left. I also check my running container its 0.42.4 and its working fine for the same. Try update the Rasa X with latest or Try downgrade to 0.42.4 and re-train with rasa x.

@aymane258 can you confirm since when you are getting this issue? or it just happened?

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Im not at home rn but will check it out when i am. thanks alot brother. Appreciate you

I upgraded rasax to the latest and the issue persists. What i’m going to do rn is link it to a different repository with just the moodbot to see if the issue is within my model data etc

@aymane258 even try with 0.42.4 please and try to train the model using rasa x only this time.

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It works lol, i retrained on rasax v 1.0.1 and it works dang

You have no idea how glad I am rasa has someone working for them that is so useful and helpful. Hope they promote you. Because without any doubt you deserve it!

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@aymane258 :grin: rasa-x is in Christmas and New year mode :stuck_out_tongue:

@aymane258 aww, so kind words. I’m just helping the community :slight_smile: I’m not working with Rasa, but thanks :slight_smile: :pray:

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