It works different ways when I training the same code


I am working on rasa 2.0 and i have some issues with training process. After training my bot once it does not work properly but it didn’t give any kind of error when I debugging. After I train again the same code some parts started to work properly but some parts that worked properly before make some issues when running. It happened so many time when I training the same bot. Is there any way to fix this issue? Can anyone help me to fix this issue?

@Sandares Please delete the older train models and re-train the model and run; you will be fine.

@nik202 Thanks for your reply. But I already cleared models several times before train in my project and cleared tmp also. But it doesn’t worked properly. Can I know is there will be any other issue in my project

@Sandares I will suggest update the latest version

@nik202 After updating rasa it worked properly. Thank you so much for your quick guidance