'Correct this' button does not work on first user utterance in Rasa X

Trying to correct intent classification for first user utterance. Tapping “Correct this” button next to first user utterance does nothing in UI and throws this in Rasa X (0.22.0):

2019-10-28 12:25:47 WARNING  rasa.server  - Append event called, but could not extract a valid event. Request JSON: []
2019-10-28 12:25:47 WARNING  rasax.community.api.blueprints.stack  - Updating events for sender '6f39cedc816e438eb7ea4312ca4566f2' failed. Error: 400, Bad Request, body='b'{"version":"1.4.0","status":"failure","message":"Couldn\'t extract a proper event from the request body.","reason":"BadRequest","details":{"parameter":"","in":"body"},"help":null,"code":400}''

Happens on multiple bots and browsers.

Hi @mmm3bbb, which rasa-x version are you using?

0.22.0 This isn’t a huge issue relative to other issues though.